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Goldline Draw

Goldline Draw

The Goldline Draw is a member’s lottery.

Win some fantastic cash prizes every week, 52 weeks of the year!


1st Prize - £1000

2nd Prize - £500

3rd Prize - £250

4th Prize - £250

5th Prize - £250

Plus 20 x £25 consolation prizes.


For just £1 per week, you will receive a Goldline membership card bearing ten sets of draw numbers each with a prefix letter.

If your prefix letter and four following numbers are drawn you will win one of our 25 cash prizes.

No claim is necessary. All winners are notified automatically and the winning numbers are also advertised here in the Results section, on our social media site @BWFCLotteries (Twitter) and Bolton Wanderers Lotteries (Facebook) and in the Bolton News newspaper.

We are always looking for new members to join the Goldline if you know of anyone who would like to join and they are over the age of 16 you can ‘Recommend a Friend’ and receive £5 after his/her fifth payment is received. No limit on the amount of members you can recommend.

Please phone 01204 673772 for further details or e-mail

Members must be 16 years of age or over. It is illegal to gamble under the age of 16.

Licenced by the Gambling Commission. Licence no. 000-005176-N-303420-005 -

Financial Year Ending June 2021

Goldline Revenue £271,038

Prizes Paid Out     £117,875  (43.5% of income)

Expenses                £45,175  (16.7% of income)

Surplus funds        £107,988 (39.8% of income)

In the Financial Year Ending June 2021 Goldline standing order members made donations of their overpayments during the pandemic to the BWDA totalling £7,555.

Chance of Winning

The chance of winning a weekly prize is dependent on the number of members subscribing to the draw in that week and is not a fixed chance.

The chance of winning a prize based on the members subscribing in the draw, week ending 24th April 2022 was 1 in 237.

The chance of winning a weekly prize will be updated on a regular basis, every 3 months or before that if there is a major fluctuation. 

If you are experiencing problems with gambling contact on 0808 8020 133

BWFC support responsible Gambling.