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Professional Lawnmower Project

A couple of years ago, the decision was made to cancel a grounds maintenance contract and bring the work in house.

Previously the car park attendants had helped by cutting and weeding some small areas but since the end of the contract, they are now responsible for maintaining all the ground around the stadium.

It was brought to the attention of the BWDA that the equipment being used was an ordinary household lawnmower which was not really powerful enough for the job, and it could take up to four full days to cut the whole area.

The BWDA were asked if they could purchase a professional mower which would not only produce a better result, but would be much more time effective and free up staff for other tasks.

The BWDA were shown a number of lawnmowers more suitable for larger areas and it was agreed that it made sense to have the equipment more appropriate for the task in hand.

As you can see Glen, one of our car park assistants, is delighted with our decision and the new lawnmower is now his pride and joy. Keep up the good work Glen!