Club statement

Official club statement relating to allegations made by Mr McGill against the club and individuals

The current allegations appear to be another attempt by Mr McGill to abuse the court process to resurrect a matter that has already been judicially determined.

As of yet full details of the current allegations have not been provided by the prosecutor Mr McGill, who appears to be handling the case personally by way of a private prosecution, but the club understands that the current allegations relate to the same set of commercial circumstances back in 2007 which were widely reported last year and which were found to have no legal merit.

The club, its officers and past employees have always strenuously rejected all claims by Mr McGill of any wrongdoing.

The club and its officers/employees were completely vindicated by the prior court proceedings and further to this the claimant was refused permission to appeal by the trial judge. The claimant has renewed his application for permission to appeal against certain of the club’s former co-defendants (related to the football agency SEM) but is not pursuing an appeal against the club or any of its (former) officers/employees.

In 2013 our lawyers made an application to strike out the claimant’s then claims and were substantially successful as a number of the allegations were found to have no reasonable grounds. As a result, a costs award was made in the club’s favour and, following non-payment by the claimant, a statutory demand for those costs was raised.

The remainder of the claimants’ claims (as amended) were heard at trial in Manchester in 2014 where they were dismissed in their entirety and a further costs order was made in favour of the defendants. Again, following non-payment, a further statutory demand was raised.

Last week an application by Mr McGill to set aside the two statutory demands was dismissed and a further costs award was made in favour of the club.

Mr McGill has so far failed to satisfy the statutory demands and further actions to recover the costs will now be taken.

The club believes that these further allegations are malicious and vexatious and will defend accordingly.
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