You can take the boy out of Bolton but not Bolton out of the boy! John Moylan - £100 Winner

John Moylan was delighted to find out he had won £100 on our recent draw for the Lifeline, John has been a supporter of the Wanderers since he was 12 (early 1970’s) back in the Burnden Park days.

At that time he lived in Moses Gate, Farnworth but now he lives 250 miles away in Fareham, near Southampton.

We asked him about his support of the lotteries, when did he start and why?  He said,

“I have been a Lifeline member since the early 2000s when I used to take my son (who is now 32) up to the games from Fareham. I was thrilled to find out I had won a £100, it was a bit of a consolation for not being able to get a ticket for this week's Wigan clash. 

"I used to be a season ticket holder and take my son up to the matches which was a day out for us plus quality Dad and lad time and continued even when he was an adult. 

"My son is a father himself now and I am delighted to say my grandson who is 3 has learnt how to kiss the badge with pride! So I continued doing the lottery because it made me still feel part of the club although not a season ticket holder now. 

"When I first did the lottery I seem to remember the top prize was a car (Vauxhall Agila), that was something to go for.”

John went on to tell us about all the good times he spent at the Club with his family and what he would say to anyone thinking of joining the lotteries.

“An honest answer would be that for me it is all about supporting the club and if you aren’t in it – you can’t win it!

Over the years as a family we stayed at the DeVere Whites (now Bolton Whites), met Jay Jay and several other players, which was a real treat for my son and we have some great memories of those special times and some great players, saw some great games and I am still as proud today with how the new owners (especially Sharon – she is fantastic for us) as I was then. 

"We had something wonderful then and I feel something wonderful is happening now – So by joining the lottery they can be part of something and help support our wonderful club”

John has decided to treat himself to a trip up North to his beloved Bolton Wanderers with his winnings and we can’t wait to welcome him back home.

Thanks John for your support. If you want to be a winner like John please contact

We would really appreciate your support to raise funds for OUR Club!

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