Hearts & Goals at Christmas

Fabrice Muamba begins distributing the first six Hearts & Goals defibrillators in Bolton

Fabrice Muamba has been distributing the first six Hearts & Goals defibrillators in Bolton today.

He has been at the Town Hall and St Simon & St Jude Primary School this morning to present the defibrillators, and the remaining four will be located at Sutton FC, Bolton Council of Mosques, Bolton Market and Bolton Bus Station.

Hearts & Goals is a campaign aimed at placing 500 defibrillators in public places around the country.

Led by Fabrice, the campaign involves Bolton Wanderers Football Club in partnership with the Arrhythmia Alliance, North West Ambulance Service and Bolton Wanderers Community Trust.

Fabrice said: “We have had a fantastic response to the project and I would like to thank everyone for the support we have been getting.

“Loads of people have been getting involved with the fundraising and I am really grateful to them all.

"The campaign is also about raising awareness around sudden cardiac arrest and how to resuscitate with CPR and AED’s.

“North West Ambulance Service and Bolton Wanderers Community Trust have been providing superb backing by getting the message out there about the campaign and delivering practical support through their work.

Ian Laithwaite, Head of BWCT, said: “We are grateful to the support of Lovefootball who have provided a number of defibrillators for Hearts & Goals in Bolton.

“It is true to say there is no doubt they will make a difference and we would like to thank them for their contribution.

Trudie Lobban MBE, CEO of Arrhythmia Alliance, said: "We have been delighted with the support that Hearts & Goals has received around the country.

“We would particularly like to thanks PhysioControl, Heartsine, AED Locator and Cardiac Science for their kind support of the Fab6.
“With Fabrice's involvement, this campaign is building on what we have already achieved; helping us to save lives that would otherwise be lost to the UK’s biggest killer - sudden cardiac arrest.”

In addition to fundraising efforts for defibrillators, the North West Ambulance Service and the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust have been delivering a variety of courses in and around Bolton and the North West as part of the initiative.

David McNally Community Resuscitation Manager from the North West Ambulance Service said “The Hearts & Goals Campaign will provide access to AED’s in public areas to assist in the treatment of someone suffering a cardiac arrest and also increase the number of people trained in Emergency Life Support Skills.

“Chances of survival decreases 10% for every 1 minute that passes without defibrillation; with the application of an AED within 5 minutes of collapse the best possible chance of survival is maintained. 

“This first wave of AED’s will allow more access to them should the need arise along with the supporting training it will make the Bolton area a safer place.”

For more information on Arrhythmia Alliance visit http://www.arrhythmiaalliance.org.uk/

For more information on North West Ambulance Service visit http://www.nwas.nhs.uk/

For more information on Bolton Wanderers Community Trust visit http://www.bwct.org.uk/
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