Hearts & Goals Campaign

Fabrice Muamba to encourage fans to learn how to check their pulses at this weekend's game

Fabrice Muamba will be promoting Heart & Goals Pulse Check at the Reebok on 1 December, as the initiative continues its campaign to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest.
At Saturday’s Championship fixture with Ipswich, the former Wanderers midfielder will encourage fans to learn how to check their pulse as a good first point for checking health and wellbeing.
Muamba, accompanied by members from North West Ambulance Service  and  the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, will take part in pulse check sessions outside Bolton Central, before moving on to  the Lion of Vienna Suite, Hall of Fame and  Platinum Suite .
Fabrice, who suffered a cardiac arrest in Bolton’s FA Cup clash with Tottenham in March, joined forces with Arrhythmia Alliance, North West Ambulance Service and The Bolton Wanderers Community Trust to launch Hearts & Goals in October, as they attempt to create a UK where all communities have public-access defibrillators and training in life-saving skills.
“Simple pulse checks can save lives,” said Trudie Lobban MBE, CEO of Arrhythmia Alliance.
“Everyone should check their pulse frequently to ensure that it is regular, not too fast and not too slow.  Many potentially fatal heart rhythm disorders can be detected through an abnormal pulse that anyone can check quickly, easily, for free, at any time.
“Learn how to take your pulse, and what to discuss with your doctor at www.knowyourpulse.org.
“Anyone concerned that their pulse is not normal, should immediately arrange to see their GP.”

David McNally Community Resuscitations Manager from North West Ambulance Service said, " This is a simple way to monitor your own pulse to check for irregularities.

" The Hearts and Goals Campaign will provide access to AED’s in public areas to assist in the treatment of someone suffering a cardiac arrest and also increase the number of people trained in Emergency Life Support Skills. 

"Chances of survival decreases 10% for every 1 minute that passes without defibrillation; with the application of an AED within 5 minutes of collapse the best possible chance of survival is maintained.”

Ian Laithwaite, Head of BWCT, said: “We hope to leave a positive legacy from what happened to Fabrice, in a sense that we can raise awareness and educate people on the need for them to monitor themselves in regard to their own pulse.
“We are now developing a project that will see us going into schools educating teachers and pupils about how to both check their own pulse, but also how to do emergency lifesaving skills in the case of a cardiac arrest.”
Club Chaplin Mason added: “Fabrice is passionate about getting behind this campaign and raising awareness around the issues of sudden cardiac arrest. Hopefully something as straight forward as a pulse check could just make the difference when it counts."

There are many ways you can support Heart & Goals to help save thousands of lives.

Regardless of your age, or available time, your fundraising efforts will go a long way to install hundreds of AEDs across the UK.

To donate to the campaign please visit the BWCT Just Giving website by clicking here.
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