Ngog Goes Back To School

French striker visits local school to help children learn more about his native tongue

David Ngog travelled to The Ferns Primary Academy in Bolton for European Languages Day to help teach local school children more about his native language.

The 23-year-old visited two Year 5 classes at the local school, who had recently begun to learn French and wanted to show off their speaking ability to the Bolton star. 

Ngog, who himself knows what it is like to learn a foreign language as he began learning English from the age of nine, answered questions about his homeland and his playing career, both in French and English, before the children got the opportunity to pose for a picture. 

The trip was rounded off with children getting their pictures they had drawn of the Wanderers striker signed by the man himself. 

Ngog was delighted to take part in such a positive day which helps encourage youngsters to learn a foreign language.  

“It is good that we come into schools and help inspire children to learn new things and I am happy to help those who want to learn French in the local community,” he said. 

“It has been really good to come here and answer questions from children who want to know more about Bolton Wanderers.

“It is really positive that we come out and spent some time with people in the local community. When I was a kid I was inspired by local football stars and we hope to do the same and help inspire children to have positive targets.”
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