British Heart Foundation workshops

Two Reebok-based workshops to be run as part of the club's ongoing Hearts and Goals campaign

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust would like to invite you to attend two workshops as part of our ongoing Hearts and Goals Campaign; a project that strives for improved heart health and increased awareness surrounding emergency life-saving skills.

Our Chest Pain workshop will take place on Tuesday 27 August at the Reebok Stadium from 10am-12pm and will involve the following topics:
- How to identify a heart attack
- Signs and symptoms of a heart attack
- What actions should be taken when dealing with a suspected heart attack
- What causes a heart attack
- Ways in which to improve heart health

Our Heartstart workshop will take place on Friday 27 September at the Reebok Stadium from 10am-3pm and will cover the following subjects:
- How to deal with an unconscious casualty
- The recovery position
- Defibrillator information
- Ways in which to improve heart health
- Choking
- Bleeding

Both of these British Heart Foundation initiatives have been delivered to over 30 schools and community groups across Bolton since the Hearts & Goals campaign began and are of zero cost to your organisation.

If you wish to attend either of these workshops, require any further information, or are interested in attending future sessions please contact Katie by calling 01204 673790 or email
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