Club hold pyrotechnic briefing

Representatives attend a practical session surrounding the use of pyrotechnics at football stadia

Bolton Wanderers recently held a practical briefing event surrounding the use of pyrotechnics at football stadia.

Representatives from the FA, police, fire service, local authorities and the fans' forum were all in attendance. 

The practical simulation consisted of a of a number of devices being discharged in club’s south stand, with stewards, fire officers and security on hand to react and respond as if it were a matchday.

A series of action points were raised by those present, with current protocol and procedure analysed.

“The increasing use of smoke devices and flares at matches is a cause for concern for football clubs and authorities because of the number of potential issues,” Facilities and Operations Director Jan Kozlowski explained.

“The club had been planning the exercise for a number of weeks and wanted it to be as realistic as possible without involving spectators, although a number of fans were in attendance as observers.

“A number of devices were set off to help give us a better understanding of the challenges faced, albeit under controlled conditions.

“The lessons learnt from the exercise were invaluable.”

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