Introducing Wanderers Freestylers

Wanderers fans may have noticed a new addition to the club at half time in the recent home game against Wolves. We are proud to announce, in addition to the regular club mascot Lofty the Lion, that we now have the new Wanderers Freestylers Woody and Kleiny. They are the official football freestylers for the club and the only duo tied to a professional club in the world!

The lads have a CV of shows from all around the world, for promotions, exhibitions, corporate events, adverts and TV film work, including performing on Britain's got Talent – Simon Cowell even likened them as football freestyles’ answer to Ant and Dec!

Both Woody and Kleiny are the UEFA training grounds skill experts, where they break down the amazing skills which top professionals in the Champions League create and show you exactly how to do them, as well as creative skills from freestyling which can help you with your touch and coordination. They are presenting a new channel on YouTube which launched just four weeks ago called four3three on with over 60,000 already subscribed.

The boys will be involved with the club in a number of ways. Firstly on matchdays, where from time to time they will give displays of their freestyle skills to entertain the crowds either before the match or at half time. They will not only show their array of skills, they will also interact with the crowd. There will be the opportunity for children to come out onto the hallowed turf and have a bit of fun with the lads!

From time to time there will also be competitions both before the game and at half time, where children and adults will get the opportunity to come out onto the pitch to try and win some fantastic prizes. 

All of these opportunities will be promoted via our social media platform, so make sure that you're constantly checking our platforms for regular updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. All of these links are listed at the bottom of this page.

So ask yourself the question, would you like to meet a BWFC player at the training ground? Would you like to have the opportunity of popping over to the Reebok and playing a game of FIFA against Stuart Holden and many other amazing opportunities? Well if so make sure you check out those links!

The Wanderers freestylers are housed within the BWFC Institute of Sport and provide lots of add-ons to courses which have been running for many years. They will be involved in special coaching clinics surrounding the techniques to help you become a better technical football player. With football freestyle coaching clinics within matchday packages, team visits and development camps abroad.

There will be plenty of opportunities for young aspiring footballers to learn the secrets behind becoming a master with the ball. 

The boys are looking forward to seeing you around and hope you enjoy everything that they are adding to the club. Feel free to follow them on twitter and ask them any questions.




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