Leather attends blood donation session

Head of sports science attends monthly donation event

Wanderers’ head of sport science Mark Leather paid a visit to one of the recent NHS blood donation sessions held at the Reebok Stadium.

A man with his own personal reasons for donating, Leather urged the public to seriously consider doing so themselves.

“It’s really important that as many people do give blood as possible because it often goes under the radar and people often take it for granted,” he explained.

“I think especially when family and people close to you suffer from various things where blood has been needed, you only realise then how important it is and I strongly recommend that as many people that can give blood to help other people.

He added: “My son had a meningitis scare at just two years old where he was in intensive care at Alder Hey Hospital for two weeks, so that was very close to home because we feared the worst. 

“He had transfusions while he was there, and I think at that point it brought home how fragile life is really and that’s what triggered me and my wife to give blood on a regular basis.”

A now regular event at the stadium, the first session took place in February this year with the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust having hosted the NHS Blood & Transplant team nine times since, helping almost 1,500 people donate blood in the process.

With an agreement now in place between the NHS and the club for monthly donor sessions to be hosted in the Premier Suite or Platinum Suite until 2015, those interested in becoming involved will have ample opportunity to do so over the coming years.

The next three meetings will be held in the Platinum Suite on the following dates:
- Friday 8 November 
- Thursday 14 November 
- Monday 9 December 

For more information or to book an appointment, call 0300 123 23 23 or go to www.blood.co.uk.

Anyone wanting to donate for the first time should be aged between 17-65, weighing at least 50 kg (7 stone 12lbs) and in general good health. There is no age limit for existing donors.

For more information on Bolton Wanderers Community Trust visit their website at www.bwct.org.uk.
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