Club statement

Details surrounding the club's annual statutory accounts for the financial year ending June 2014

Bolton Wanderers have filed their annual statutory accounts for the financial year ending June 2014.

Net loss improved by £41.6million, down to £9.1million year on year, largely due to the prior year including a number of one-off exceptional items relating to balance sheet impairments and other accounting adjustments.

The year also saw staff costs reduced by £9million, primarily as a result of a number of players leaving the football club and making significant changes to overheads.

Bolton Whites Hotel became wholly owned by Bolton Wanderers Football Club, after previously being held in a joint venture with DeVere Venues.

The hotel continues to build on its reputations for quality and service as a major regional venue for conferences and banquets.

Chairman Phil Gartside said: “There’s no doubting that the transition to the Football League, following a sustained period in the Premier League, has been a challenging one.

“Eddie Davies continues to provide a humbling level of support to the football club, and as a wider business we are continuing to develop our non-footballing operations.

“We continue to move towards a self-sustainable future, demonstrated by the club successfully meeting the Financial Fair Play criteria.”
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