Neil Lennon seeking 'balanced' performances

Manager keen to find balance, though has been encouraged with recent positive attacking displays

Neil Lennon says he is happy with the way his side are expressing themselves on the pitch in recent weeks, though is now seeking more balanced performances.

Bolton’s last six outings have yielded a total of 29 goals, an average of 4.8 per game.

And whilst being encouraged by recent attacking performances, the manager is now hoping his side can find a happy medium in the coming months.

“We had a really good week,” the manager explained. “We’ve not really done anything different on the training ground recently. Yes, we’ve conceded a lot more goals than we would have liked, and I’ve sat down with Johan and had a decent chat about it.

“At times, we’ve been a little bit over-cautious in our defensive play, but I feel that is because we’re playing on the front-foot.

“We’re not overly concerned because we have the players in our squad who suit playing on the front-foot. We want them to go and express themselves.

“Previously we’ve had a four-game run of keeping clean sheets, and at that time I was worried we weren’t scoring enough goals. Now it seems to have gone the other way. We just need to find a balance.

“We’ve maybe been caught out once or twice by trying to overplay in certain areas, but we’ll learn that with experience.

“We don’t want to change the players’ thought process on the pitch because the majority of times we’re doing the right things.

“We also know that as a team we need to be mentally stronger, particularly in the latter stages of games, but overall I’m very pleased with the football we’re playing right now.”

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