Statement from Port Vale ahead of Saturday's game

Request from Port Vale for the co-operation of fans following the conclusion of this weekend's fixture

Saturday 22 April 2017 will see Port Vale play their final home game of the season against Bolton Wanderers, while Port Vale would request the co-operation of both sets of supporters at the conclusion of the match.

In the first instance we would remind all supporters that it is an offence to enter the playing area and again we would ask all supporters to comply with this regulation.

At the conclusion of the match the Port Vale players will stand aside while the Bolton Wanderers players/management & staff go and thank the Bolton fans for supporting them at the game.

Once the Bolton Wanderers players/management and staff have left the pitch the Port Vale players/management and staff will come around the home areas to acknowledge and thank the Port Vale fans for their support throughout the season.

With the co-operation of all supporters as requested above all supporters will get the chance to enjoy the players/management and staff of both teams acknowledging and thanking their supporters.

Port Vale Football Club thanks all supporters in anticipation of their co-operation.

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