A note from the Chairman

Chairman Ken Anderson addresses the Club's supporters in his Walsall programme notes

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you who have recently bought a Super 7 season ticket and everyone who has taken us up our special offers and purchased team merchandise. 

The additional support, not to mention the revenue, will go a long way to helping us towards our aim of future financial sustainability and hopefully, promotion. 

We now have some limited sizes of both home and away kit still available at special prices and I would urge you all to take up these offers as soon as possible before the stock runs out.
There has been a great deal of speculation about the transfer embargo and what we can and can't do. We are still hoping to be able to announce two more signings of free agents and I am sure that the more astute of you would have noticed that more players would have come in than have gone out in this window.
Once again we have been dealt with a long term injury blow with Lawrie Wilson unfortunately being ruled out for the rest of the season. I feel so sorry for Lawrie, who had fought back for his place earlier in the season and has been one of the mainstays of our defence. We all wish him a speedy recovery.
I have to say we do seem to have had more than our fair share of long term injuries this season, including Dorian Dervite, Mark Davies, Darren Pratley, Lewis Buxton, Mark Howard and now Lawrie. 

That said, it just goes to show what a great job the manager and all his staff and the rest of the squad have done to keep us there or thereabouts. I know it has given them all a challenging time, but they have all risen to the challenges.
I believe that we now have a squad more than capable of achieving promotion this season.

As we saw at the recent MK Dons game, who had their record attendance for a League One game, the same will apply to us and the more of our supporters we have cheering us on, both home and away, not only lifts the players but also acts as a 12th man. 
Please continue to come along, support and cheer us on as loudly and as often as you can to give us that extra push and get us over the line this season.
Off the field, the hotel continues to be putting on a wide range of events to bring in vital revenue to the business. From Thai boxing and white collar boxing, to conferences, exhibitions and party nights, Bolton Whites has space to accommodate all kinds of events. Please follow their social media channels (@BoltonWhitesHtl) to see what’s being held at Macron Stadium over the coming months.
There has been a great deal of comment by both Dean and I in the press and on social media this week, which is regrettable, but it was brought about in the main because of the disputes referred to in the filing of the accounts etc. 

Unfortunately, the earlier press reported feud which I previously said did not exist a couple of months ago does now exist. Things can change over a short period of time, in football and business, but I am always optimistic that both sides will see sense and resolve the various issues for the benefit of the club and its supporters. 

For my part, everything that can be is now out in the open and it's for others to decide what they do and don't believe.  

Let’s be loud, let’s be proud and let’s get behind the team .
Kind regards,

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