Harry Goslin to be remembered in art

To celebrate the formation of 103 Regiment Royal Artillery some 50 years ago on April 1, 1967, the Regiment are commissioning four one-off paintings.

Each painting will depict a famous battle honour that through valour has been bestowed on the sub-unit or an individual act of bravery.

The 216 (The Bolton Artillery) Battery Royal Artillery meanwhile have chosen former Bolton Wanderers captain Lt Harry Goslin RA at the Moro River as their person to be honoured in this way.

The painter is David Rowlands, who has commissioned military painting for many years.

The scene he will depict is Goslin manning one of many observation posts to support the advance of 17 Brigade through the Punjabis positions on December 13 and 14, 1943.

In order to raise funds for the 50th anniversary commemoration, a team of ten officers and soldiers from 216 (The Bolton Artillery) Battery Royal Artillery, will cycle 488km, row 33km and then run 157km - a total distance of 678km.

This will take place on gym equipment set up in the tunnel area of Macron Stadium on Saturday 15 July 2017 and will form the Ex Lancashire Challenge.

Speaking regarding the event, Club Chaplain Phil Mason said, “It is great that Harry Goslin - our great team captain who was such an inspiration - will be remembered in this way.

"I am delighted that the challenge to get this painting commissioned is taking place here at the stadium as it keeps the links alive between the Regiment and our Club."

A spokesperson for the 216 (The Bolton Artillery) Battery Royal Artillery meanwhile thanked Bolton Wanderers for supporting the event by allowing their team of participants to utilise the stadium, in turn reiterating the unity in honouring Lt Harry Goslin RA.

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