A note from the Chairman

I am sure like me many of you are very disappointed in yesterday’s result at Molineux and like me are struggling to come to terms with it. All l can think of at this moment is it’s probably a case of the least said about the performance the better.

As the manager has already said the goals conceded were soft and at times compounded further by poor defending, albeit against a very good team who have spent big but wisely. Like Phil, I think Wolves will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season

I am sure that the players will be hurting and very disappointed with this result particularly after all the hard work that they have put in recently. They also know that they have not only let themselves down but they have let you, the fans, down as well.

That said, we must not linger on excuses or explanations and must put this result behind us, dust ourselves down and get back on the training ground on Monday and ensure the performance during this Saturday’s game against Barnsley is much better.

Having now lost our recent unbeaten run of seven games, all of the players need to take a long and hard look at the performance and get back to the hard work on the training ground, and bring that to Saturday’s game to ensure that we achieve an immediate return to winning ways .

It is always easy to criticise after a performance like yesterday’s and say maybe we should have done this or that, but that won’t change the result.

That said it does create the opportunity to reassess everything and give consideration to thinking about bringing some of the players who have been on the periphery and knocking on the door back into the equation.

It is always difficult to change an unbeaten team and it is often right that we repay the players’ efforts and performances by fielding an unchanged team, but I am sure that Phil and his team will reflect on yesterday’s game and give a great deal of thought this week about the team selection and make the right decisions.

As l said above, we - and by this l mean the players and all of us supporters - must not dwell on the result, as that won’t achieve anything; everyone needs to put it behind them and move on to the next game and winning ways.

I hope to see as many of you as possible back at Macron Stadium for Saturday’s game against Barnsley.

As always let’s be loud and let’s be proud and let’s get behind the boys!

Kind regards,


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