A note from the Chairman

I have seen today’s article in the Bolton News and comments on social media and would like to clarify a number of matters.

Nobody has been instructed or retained to sell the club. 

Over the last 12 months, we have received many enquiries from China, America, Canada, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the UK.

This does not surprise me and is vindication of my previous comments. The club has a fantastic infrastructure and has a well-regarded history.

The stadium, in its 20th year, is iconic and contains an award-winning hotel which has a thriving conference and events business as well as a high room occupancy.

The stadium and our ancillary businesses are a truly 365-day operation which ultimately helps to drive revenue for the football club.

As I have always said, if any individual or group is able to invest significant resources and has the club’s best interests at heart, then I will be willing to hold discussions with them.

The sales document that has been referred to is what is generally known in corporate finance circles as a ‘teaser’.

It outlines the value of the club and its assets. Obviously, any serious investor needs to have this information. The information is also required by financial institutions when looking at refinancing. 

Since l have been involved with the club, my aim was to get the club promoted back to the Sky Bet Championship and that was achieved at our first attempt during the very difficult circumstances of having to operate under a transfer embargo and the financial legacy we inherited.

My job now is to try to ensure that we retain Championship status this season and continue to work towards achieving a sustainable financial model, and l am confident that with the continued support of our fantastic staff and supporters both of these tasks will be achieved. 

Hopefully, the above will help clarify matters.



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