A note from the Chairman

There is a great deal of comment about the manager and our results regarding the start of this season, and whilst I can understand and appreciate the comments, now is not the time to panic or put the pressure on the manager and his team or the players.

When I appointed Phil Parkinson as manager of Bolton Wanderers Football Club last year, I believed that he was the best person for the job.

We went through a thorough interview process along with several other high pedigree candidates. Phil impressed me the most and I offered him the job.

My opinion hasn’t changed whatsoever. If anything, Phil has reinforced my belief that he, his staff and the squad he has assembled will progress this club.

Yes, we all know that our start to the campaign has been far from ideal and as supporters, you will be hurting.

But Phil is hurting, the players are hurting and so am I. Therefore, it is imperative that we are all firmly behind the manager and players as we strive to bring about a change in our fortunes.

Given the restrictions we operated under last season, which were inherited from the previous regime, achieving promotion immediately after relegation was nothing short of miraculous.

This was largely down to the manager and the positive changes he brought to the club.

His job here isn’t complete and he wants to bring improvement and success to the club, and it is important that he is given time to fulfil those plans.

I’m not one to make knee-jerk reactions and Phil has my unequivocal backing to remain as manager of Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

Of course, we are all hoping for a victory on Saturday against Sheffield Wednesday, but if that wasn’t to happen, then Phil would still remain as manager.

During times of adversity it is crucial that we all stick together as one and show our support for the manager and his players.

You have all shown that unfaltering passion under such trying circumstances this season and I know that Phil and the players really appreciated the show of support you gave the team after the final whistle at Villa Park.

The performance was arguably our best of the campaign and we deserved more than we got from the contest.

The recent performances have perfectly illustrated that the players are all behind the manager and are determined to pick up the results we deserve.

Our club motto - "Supera Moras" - means overcoming difficulties. This message is intrinsically woven into the fabric of the town and our club, and by standing together as one, we will overcome the difficulties.

We have now got two home games in succession and I’d like all our supporters and the town as whole to get behind the team for these matches at Macron Stadium.

Let’s be loud, let’s be proud and let’s get behind the team.


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