Club statement

Following continuous media reports in respect of potential acquisition by a number of third parties, the club would like to clarify its position and end this unhelpful speculation in the press and social media.

The Chairman’s position in this matter has remained constant throughout his term of office and he has always been completely transparent with supporters and stakeholders alike. All decisions taken have been and will continue to be made with the very best interests of the football club at its heart, and, wherever possible, have always been clearly conveyed through his regular supporter updates.

The Chairman has always been open in his willingness to discuss investment in the business or even a potential takeover with individuals that may have the resources to accelerate the current long terms plan of the business to both return the football club to the Premier League and, just as importantly, to ensure the financial future of the club. It is paramount, above all things else, that Bolton Wanderers remains available for future generations to enjoy as families have done so for the last 140 years.

Unfortunately, the transparent position the Chairman has adopted has allowed constant speculation on social media as well as the local and national press. Much of this speculation has been completely unfounded and without any substance but unfortunately, despite much of the negativity aimed personally at the Chairman, it is impossible to fend off this conjecture especially when a small number of people have agendas that are not in the best interests of our football club.

However, to bring closure to this extremely unhelpful situation the Chairman has today confirmed that any ongoing discussions with investors will be terminated with immediate effect and that no further expressions of interest will be entertained for the foreseeable future.

Our financial budgets have been prepared in line with the regulations of the EFL and proof of funding to enable the club to operate within this budget will be provided as every club in the league is required to make.

The club makes this statement in the hope that no further speculation will be produced and everyone involved in our great club can concentrate on the important job at hand which is to climb out of the relegation zone, one that Phil Parkinson and the whole squad are extremely confident in achieving.

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