A note from the Chairman

Yesterday’s result was a great disappointment, but not wholly unexpected, when you consider that we were up against the best team in the league by a country mile.

We started well and with the rub of the green might have taken the lead. Unfortunately, that did not happen and when you are up against the best finishers in the league where one moment’s lack of concentration or focus and you will be punished, that’s why they have scored more and conceded less goals than any other team in the league this season.

Let’s not forget how much they have spent on assembling their squad and remember that a number of their players will be going to the World Cup this summer.

This week is all about getting back on the training ground, totally focusing on the next match and ensuring we all have a positive attitude.

To use the old cliche, we now have two cup finals ahead of us and it is important that we dust ourselves down, don’t dwell on yesterday’s result, or what is happening elsewhere.

The target is clear for all to see: we need to win our next two games and hope results elsewhere also go our way.

We must ignore any negativity in the media and social media and focus solely on the job ahead. It’s what happens on the pitch that matters, not what is written or said elsewhere.

We have the strength and character within the squad to do this and everyone, players, management and supporters alike, must continue to believe that both games ahead are winnable. We have been in similar positions before, both last season and this and the team have delivered and that must now be everyone’s sole focus.

Now is not the time to point the finger or lay the blame, or debate what has taken place. Now is the time to focus on the next two games and not the past and for the Bolton family to get behind the team, as you have done all season, and help ensure we retain our Championship status. There will be plenty of time at the end of the season to look back and see what we can do better next season.

It is vitally important that everyone remains confident and fully supportive.

I personally continue to be positive about our destiny and l know the management and squad are on the same lines and with this attitude l believe we will get the results we need.

As always let’s be loud, let’s be proud and let’s all get behind the team for these last two games.


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