Check your Golden Gamble tickets!

Did you buy a Golden Gamble ticket at Wanderers' match with Hull City on Monday? If so, you could be a big cash winner!

Prizes and winning numbers can be found below:

1st Prize - £765 Cash (0293) 
2nd Prize - Meal for Four Frankie & Benny’s (1590) 
3rd Prize - Four tickets, Vue Cinema (1200) 
4th Prize - Meal and Prosecco, Ask Italian (0102) 
5th Prize - Family Meal, Red Lion (0967)
6th Prize - Family Bowling, Hollywood Bowl (0591) 
7th Prize - £20 Voucher, Victoria & Albert (0413) 
8th Prize - Holland’s Pie Hamper (0426) 
9th Prize - Meal for Four, Blundell Arms (0554) 
10th Prize - £100 Cash Rollover (2119)

Call into Bolton Central to claim any prizes. 

Remember all losing tickets can be used at the Blundell Arms for 50% off your food bill for 14 days from the Hull City match.

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