Join BWFC Lotteries today and make a difference

Bolton Wanderers manager Phil Parkinson has issued a rallying cry, calling for the club's supporters and the people of Bolton to support the club's Lotteries to help make a difference at Macron Stadium.

Since the start of the season, the Lotteries have helped provide the club with an excellent new gym and dome at Wanderers' Lostock training ground base, but this is just the beginning. 

We need you! From just £1 a week, you could help make a real difference at Macron Stadium, as well as have the chance to win some fabulous cash prizes.

Nat Lofthouse said it in 1982 and today Phil Parkinson asks you on behalf of Bolton Wanderers again, "Can you help? We need you to support our Lotteries!"


"The lotteries at Bolton Wanderers have provided the club with some of the best and innovative facilities for over 40 years.

"They have always been there in both the good times and when the going got tough, from the days when the Lifeline lottery literally saved the club back in 1983, to the latest project funding the indoor facility at Lostock to ensure the Academy retained its Category Two status, as well as providing an opportunity for training undercover during the harsh winter months.

"Over the years the lotteries have raised millions, which has been used for constantly upgrading facilities in what is still one of the best stadiums in the Football League, and provided state of the art technology which has kept the club at the forefront of innovation, from which the players, supporters and staff benefit so that we can continue to provide an excellent service for all visitors to Macron Stadium.  

"Society lotteries such as the Bolton Wanderers Lifeline and Goldline schemes have to battle on a daily basis for every pound they raise within a minefield of so many other lotteries and charities asking for your hard earned cash, as well as competing with the massive prizes that can be won on the National Lottery and Euromillions.

"This lottery revenue is essential in terms of support across various areas of the club as we aim to establish ourselves in the Sky Bet Championship and create strong foundations for the future of Bolton Wanderers.

"Since the sale of our Euxton Training Ground, we are looking to further develop the Lostock Training Complex which is now used by the First Team, the Academy, the Ladies team and the Community Trust.

"The Lotteries have recently provided us with an excellent new gym and the dome, but we are now in need of new medical & physiotherapy rooms, shower facilities and extra storage since the first team players were relocated.

This is where we are appealing to you, the fans and the people of Bolton, for your help." 


Click HERE to see the difference your money has made to Bolton Wanderers Football Club with further information on the Lotteries' projects, including both the Gym and the Dome at Lostock. 

Please join either Lifeline for just £2 per week (still the same weekly subscription since 1983) or Goldline at just £1 per week. In return, you are helping your club as well as having the chance of winning some fabulous prizes, up to £7,500 on Lifeline and £5,000 on Goldline. 

Please pledge your support today!

Click HERE to sign up to the Lifeline Lottery

Click HERE to sign up to the Goldline Lottery

Alternatively, you can purchase a Golden Gamble half-time draw ticket for just £1 at any of the turnstiles on matchday and win up to £1,500. The more tickets sold, the higher the prize!

Instant win scratchcards, with a top prize of £1,000, can also be purchased for £1 from retail outlets across Bolton.

Every little helps and there are fantastic prizes to be won, BUT you'ge got to be in it to win it!

Click HERE for more information about the BWFC Lotteries.

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