Aaron Wilbraham meets fan Mark Yates as he fulfills his tattoo promise

Bolton Wanderers fan Mark Yates came face-to-face with Aaron Wilbraham on Tuesday morning - a man whose image will be adorned on his leg permanently after his ill-fated Twitter promise earlier this month.

Prior to Whites' final game of the season against Nottingham Forest, the 25-year-old season ticket holder tweeted to say that if the 38-year-old striker scored the winning goal against Aitor Karanka's men, he would get his face tattooed on his leg.

And following Wilbraham's heroics on May 6, Mark followed up on his promise by visiting Dave T's House of Tattoos on Tuesday morning where he was inked by the owner, famed for his work on numerous Bolton Wanderers players, celebrities and sporting icons down the years.

The Trotters' No.18 meanwhile made the short journey to Bolton town centre to view the finished article.

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Speaking following the unveil, Wilbraham said, "Dave has done a brilliant job. I've never had my face tattooed on anybody before so I didn't have a clue what it would look like, but the likeness is unbelievable.

"It's been a bit of a mad situation. I had a screengrab of the tweet sent to me by a few people after the game and my brother messaged to say he had tweeted Mark and he was going to keep to his word!

"Ever since then, I've just been looking forward to seeing it and hoping that he followed through on his promise which he has done, so fair play!

"I felt as though that moment when I scored the winner would get taken away from me - it felt so surreal and still does!

"It was too good to be true and like a dream really, the way I pictured it happening. It's just about starting to sink in now, over a week on.

"To have the chance to build this summer and go again in the Championship is unbelievable.

"I'll never forget that day though and Mark certainly won't - I can't believe it's his first tattoo but it'll certainly be a good story for him to tell for years to come."

Mark also reflected on the whole situation, adding, "It's a great piece of art and I'm really impressed with it - Dave has done a fantastic job.

"It feels surreal to be in this situation - meeting Alby himself, seeing his face when he saw it for the first time, it's something that will stay with me forever as well as his face on my leg!

"I'm in good company with all the players that Dave has tattooed down the years too - he's a big Bolton fan and it's an honour to be involved.

"I'm looking forward to showing it off now - they're no doubt going to have a good laugh at my expense, but it's been a great experience.

"I've got no regrets at the moment, but ask me again in 12 months' time! [Laughs]"

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