BTS | Ryan Johnson's day with the club's media team

Born and bred in Horwich, Ryan Johnson has certainly experienced a testing life to date, but he isn't letting his disability stop him from living it to the maximum and fulfilling his dreams.

And during Wanderers' recent home game against Swansea City, his did just that by shadowing the club's media team and in turn, ticking something off his list that he never thought would be possible.

The 32-year-old has, over the last 15 years, had 25 operations on numerous joints, but particularly his shoulders, hips and knees.

He unfortunately suffers from Ehler's Danlos Syndrome as well as rheumatoid arthritis and a functional neurological disorder which has caused numbness down the right side of his body.

Despite this however, he has helped his wife - who works full time for the NHS - to raise their three young children, with his aim being to show them that being disabled isn't an excuse to sit around and feel sorry for himself.

He is also determined to teach them that everybody deserves to be treated equally, regardless of any physical or mental problems.

Over the years meanwhile, he has gained a huge knowledge of many sports, but particularly football at all levels and he has also achieved an FA Level 1 coaching qualification.

Very much his life outside of his family, he has always yearned to learn the media side of football and researches players, coaches and teams from all over the globe for his own fun, with the hope of one day putting his knowledge to use to make a difference for his family.

And after writing to the club in October, he was invited to the club's recent Sky Bet Championship clash with the Swans where he became fully immersed in the life of the Whites' media team with a video of his day available below.

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