A note from the Chairman

I am grateful for the High Court’s decision this morning to adjourn the hearing until May 8, which gives us the time to finalise the deal for the sale of my shares to the interested buyers, who have committed to buying the club and clearing all the debts including the substantial amounts that were there before I got involved with the club and secured on the stadium, hotel and training ground.

It was interesting to be told that Terence Rigby of the Supporters’ Trust had contacted our barrister yesterday evening saying that they ‘have partners who have shown serious interest and do have funds’, particularly as we have always made it absolutely clear to them that if that was the case and they could show proof of funds and go through the same process as everybody else, that we would be delighted to meet them.

Unfortunately, the usual proof of funds information required in these matters has never been provided.

Likewise, l would like to make it absolutely clear that the so-called mystery buyer Gaspard Holdings are ‘not on the verge of completing a deal’ and virtually everything else they said in the report was total nonsense.

Unfortunately, they have been making similar promises for at least two years and in all that time the people concerned have never been able to provide any satisfactory proof of funds and have wasted a great deal of everyone’s time.

In the meantime, everyone at the club is doing everything possible to try to ensure that this weekend’s match against Ipswich Town and next Tuesday’s against Middlesbrough go ahead as normal, but this may now depend on whether the players see sense and stay loyal to the supporters and season ticket holders and return to full training tomorrow.

For my part, I continue to be positive and think that we still have a good chance of retaining our Championship status and also believe that my decision not to place the club in administration and incur a 12 points deduction was the correct one.  

If l had have placed the club in administration, it would have meant that the club would have incurred a 12-point deduction either this season or next depending on the timing and my aim is and always will be to try and ensure that this did not happen for obvious reasons.

As soon as l have anything further to add, l will as always do it through the club’s mediums and not the media or on social media to ensure that the club’s loyal supporters are the first to hear.



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