Club Issues Advice Ahead Of Baggies Game

Club officials from Bolton Wanderers have issued additional advice to supporters ahead of our Sky Bet Championship match against West Bromwich Albion on Monday 21 January at the University of Bolton Stadium.

The Club is aware of potential action being planned by some supporters attending this fixture but wants to ensure that anything that does take place is peaceful and does not lead to any disruption of the match itself.

The Club’s Stadium Manager, Rod Cross, said: “We believe that any action of this nature within the stadium bowl will not be beneficial to the players as they prepare for a very important match but we do understand that some supporters may wish to voice their opinions.

“Supporters are reminded that any breaches of the ground regulations, which are issued by the EFL and are standardised throughout the leagues, may lead to action being taken against the individuals concerned and also the club itself.

“This may result in court appearances and possible banning orders, and the club could also face wide ranging sanctions from the EFL/FA which may result in an unlimited fine, a points deduction and future games being played behind closed doors.

“Encroachment and the throwing of objects onto the field of play are criminal offences and will be meticulously monitored by our stewards, the police and extensive in-stadium CCTV.

“Any banners that are brought into the stadium must not contain any offensive messaging and must have a fire safety certificate.

“Additional searches will be made at the turnstiles by our stewards to ensure that steps are taken to prevent any disruption of play and to make sure that everybody attending can watch the game in a safe and friendly environment. We would request that you respect others and remain within the law.”

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