Club Presented With Special Painting Of Harry Goslin

A framed copy of a specially commissioned painting of Bolton Wanderers captain Harry Goslin was presented to club officials by his son Bill and serving officers from Harry’s regiment, the Royal Artillery.

The work, by David Rowlands, is of the Wartime Wanderer in action in Italy during World War Two and will be displayed proudly at the University of Bolton Stadium alongside a replica shirt that was presented to the club by the Royal Artillery in 2016 following Club Chaplain Phil Mason conducting a special memorial service at the grave of Harry.  

To celebrate the formation of 103 Regiment Royal Artillery in 1967, the Regiment commissioned four one-off paintings.

Each painting depicted a famous battle honour that through valour was bestowed on the sub-unit or an individual act of bravery.

The 216 (The Bolton Artillery) Battery Royal Artillery chose the former Wanderers captain at the Moro River as their person to be honoured in this way.

The scene depicted is of Harry manning one of many observation posts to support the advance of 17 Brigade through the Punjabis positions on December 13 and 14, 1943.

Club Chaplain Phil Mason said: “We are delighted to have a copy of this special portrait. It helps tell the story of Harry and what he did in service both to his Club and Country. We are keeping his memory alive in a number of ways including holding each year a game between the Regiment and the Community Trust for the Harry Goslin Cup and having a Goslin Walk with ex-servicemen who have been suffering from PTSD and raising awareness of the sacrifices people make every day.”

Major Darren Rawcliffe from the 216 Battery Royal Artillery added: “We are delighted to present a copy of this portrait to Bolton Wanderers. The links we have through Harry Goslin are important to us and we are keen to support the Community Trust in the work it is doing in support of ex-servicemen and women.”

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