Leasing.com Trophy Second Round Draw Confirmed

The Leasing.com Trophy Round Two Draw will take place on Saturday 16 November, live on Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday from 2pm, with Wanderers in the hat for the draw.

Hosted by Sky Sports presenter Julian Waters, former Crystal Palace forward Clinton Morrison and ex-England midfielder Sue Smith, will be on hand to draw the teams out.

The group stage of the competition, featuring 64 Clubs competing within 16 groups, is due to conclude later this week, with a full fixture list on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 November confirming the remaining names in the hat for Round Two.

Thirty-two Clubs are involved in Round Two of the competition with the draw split into Northern and Southern sections. 

The winner of each group will be drawn at home and will play a runner-up of a group from the same region, but not from the same group they competed in from Round One.

To ensure these conditions are met the Northern and Southern draws will be split into two separate draws – Draw A and Draw B.  

The Round Two draw will be available to watch live on Soccer Saturday, with the draw covered in full on the @LeasingcomTrphy Twitter account.

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