Wanderers staff member to do living room marathon for charity

The current nationwide lockdown has put many restrictions on the everyday lives of millions of people up and down the country. Head of Marketing and Communications at Bolton Wanderers Paul Holliday has had to find alternative plans to raise money for a local charity after marathons nationwide were cancelled.

A keen long distance runner, Paul was looking forward to participating in the Bolton Marathon as well as marathons in Manchester and Blackpool but the outbreak of COVID-19 put paid to those plans. Eager to find an alternative option he has come up with a quite extraordinary plan to cover 26 miles on foot.

He said: ‘I’ve been a keen runner for some time and have previously run five marathons to raise money for a charity that is close to my heart, High Five.’

‘This year I had planned to do three in relatively quick succession - Manchester, Blackpool and Bolton.’

‘Due to the pandemic, these marathons were understandably postponed but, having already done 450 training miles this year, I wanted to keep up the momentum.’

‘Having seen somebody in France or Spain do a marathon on their balcony, I wanted to do something similar.’

‘Not having a balcony or a garden, I decided to do one on my living room.’

‘It will equate to about 4,500 laps which will be...interesting!’

‘But I love taking on challenges to raise money for High Five, who provide support for families of children with disabilities.’

‘My daughter, Isabella, who has Down’s syndrome and ADHD, is my inspiration and she motivates me every day.’

To find out more about High Five, follow them on Twitter @HighFiveLancs and learn about the incredible work they do in the community to support children with disabilities and their families.

Paul is doing a mind-blowing 4,500 laps of his living room tomorrow to raise funds for a charity close to his heart and you can show your support by donating on the following link: www.paulholliday.co.uk

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