Sonny and Senior's Work Experience Predictor

With youngsters Sonny Graham and Adam Senior continuing their six-week work experience with the club's Media Team as part of their scholarship, we've asked them to predict the outcome for ten of this weekend's fixtures.

One point will be given for the correct result, with an extra three given for the correct scoreline.

Have a go at predicting the games yourself and see if you can accumulate more points.


Everton vs Crystal Palace

Sonny: 2-1 Everton.

Senior: 1-0 Crystal Palace.


Brighton vs Watford

Sonny: 1-0 Watford.

Senior: 1-0 Watford. 


Wigan vs Preston North End

Sonny: 2-0 Preston.

Senior: 3-0 Preston.


Barnsley vs Sheffield Wednesday

Sonny: 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday

Senior: 2-0 Sheffield Wednesday


Blackburn vs Fulham

Sonny: 1-1

Senior: 1-0 Fulham


Brentford vs Middlesbrough

Sonny: 2-0 Brentford

Senior: 1-0 Brentford


Huddersfield vs QPR

Sonny: 2-1 QPR

Senior: 1-1


Luton vs Cardiff

Sonny: 1-1

Senior: 1-0 Luton


Reading vs Hull

Sonny: 2-1 Hull

Senior: 1-0 Reading


Stoke vs Charlton

Sonny: 2-1 Stoke

Senior: 1-0 Charlton

Read Time: 1 mins