Upper Tiers To Remain Open At The University of Bolton Stadium

Bolton Wanderers Football Club has confirmed that the upper tiers of the University of Bolton Stadium will remain open following a consultation meeting with season ticket holders.

For several seasons a lot of debate has taken place among supporters regarding the potential closure or partial closure of the upper tiers.

Following the takeover of Bolton Wanderers by Football Ventures (Whites) Limited, the new owners vowed to consult with season ticket holders so that an informed decision could be made.

That meeting was held on Wednesday 12 February and was well-attended by season ticket holders who passionately communicated their thoughts.

From the consultation, and the feedback the club received from supporters who were unable to attend, the Board concluded that the all upper tiers at the University of Bolton Stadium will remain open for league games; however, they will reserve the right to close them if necessary for selected cup fixtures.

There will be no plans for the foreseeable future to change this position.

Emma Beaugeard, the CEO of Bolton Wanderers, said: “I want to thank everybody who contacted the club with their thoughts and ideas and especially to all those who attended the consultation meeting.

“The emotion and loyal support to Bolton Wanderers was palpable and moving, reminding us just how privileged we are to be part of this great club’s present and future.

“For any major decisions, such as these, we will always endeavour to consult with those who will be affected.”

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