A helping hand at the heart of the Community amid the COVID-19 crisis

Bolton Whites Hotel, at the University of Bolton Stadium, is now back open for business but during the lockdown not only was it a place for key workers to stay, it also played a crucial role in helping the humanitarian hub in Bolton through a significant donation.

Through the partnership with Bolton Wanderers’ charity arm - the Community Trust - and Urban Outreach, Bolton, large joints of meat that had been stored in the walk-in freezers and unable to be used for guests on match days were donated to the Food Hub.
Phil Mason, Head of Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, said: “This is a great example of the Club helping the community and town at this very difficult time. There is still so much need at this time in our community and we are keen to play our part in any way we can. It highlights once again our commitment to our One Club, One Community, One Town vision.”
Dave Bagley, CEO of Urban Outreach, said: “The Food Hub has shown everyone how beautiful Bolton is – with so many people coming together to work for the good of others.
"The Bolton Food Hub has been made possible through our partnership with so many great organisations including BWFC, and working together has enabled us to massively increase the amount of food that we are able to source, sort and distribute out to households who have been impacted by the pandemic.”
All the food continues to be delivered out to households through over 200 volunteers who have stepped forward to help in so many ways – from collecting surplus food at supermarkets, to sorting, packing and then delivering food parcels to the front doors of all those who need them.
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