A message from the board

We sincerely hope that you and your families are well. This is an extremely worrying time for everyone and our thoughts are continually with you all.

It is also with profound sadness to say that we have been acutely affected by Covid-19 given the recent passing of Emma’s father, David Beaugeard.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Emma and her family at this time.

In light of the present situation, we wanted to provide you with an update in relation to the Club and Hotel.

The Club was effectively put into ‘hibernation’ in mid-March and the Hotel has now followed Government orders and closed its doors to all but key-workers of the emergency services. We are proud that the Club and Hotel are working closely with Bolton Council, the NHS and other emergency services to provide all the support and assistance we can for the town and wider area. We will continue to work together with all parties to offer all the support we can as this crisis deepens in the coming weeks and months.

As you will be aware, we have faced a multitude of problems since the takeover last year but this present crisis represents the hardest task that we have faced. However, unlike the previous issues, this is one which is being felt across the entirety of the football and hospitality industries and indeed over every business both large and small. Whilst the serious effects hinder our plans for rebuilding, we remain committed to ensuring that the Club and Hotel rise again beyond this crisis. As a sign of this commitment we have confirmed that all staff will receive their full salaries in March.

With football seemingly suspended for a prolonged period of time, and the Hotel being closed indefinitely, the effect on both businesses has been severe. Of course, the potential length of the crisis will dictate the overall impact, but we must take all necessary steps to put a protective shield on both the Club and Hotel to ensure we come through the other side.

With regards to these steps, we have placed a number of staff on ‘furlough’. This is key Government support, being taken up by many businesses and football clubs, which will enable us to protect as many jobs as possible. In addition to the furlough scheme, those members of the Senior Management who will continue to work have taken a significant pay reduction. We are also continuing to liaise with the EFL in relation to the support they can provide in relation to the football staff.

We have spoken previously about our admiration for the employees of this business, whose loyalty in the face of adversity has been beyond commendable. It is for this reason that we wish we could guarantee all jobs. However, as we move forward and the effects of the crisis become even more serious, difficult decisions may need to be taken in order to preserve both businesses.

We appreciate the effect that the present uncertainty is having on people’s lives and well-being. As ever, we are working hand in hand with the Club’s Community Trust to provide support to all staff and members of the local community. The Trust are providing invaluable services across the town to those that are vulnerable.  

In the meantime, the overriding priority is your health and therefore please stay safe and continue to follow Government advice regarding the virus.

Yours sincerely

Sharon and Michael

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