Updated Statement from BWFC Lotteries

As we have now entered the 10th week of lockdown, the BWDA staff are looking forward to removing the lottery suspension and returning to work. However, due to current social distancing regulations, the time is not yet right as the health and safety of our agents and members still remains our priority.

Unlike the national lotteries and many charity lotteries who have been able to continue making their prize draws due to their operations being primarily funded by online and direct debit payments, the revenue from the Lifeline and Goldline lotteries comes from a variety of different channels, of which much of it depends on social interaction.

Although some of the BWDA revenue does come from standing orders payments the level falls short of being able to satisfy the Gambling Commission Regulations regarding minimum donation obligations. 

While we are continuing to follow government guidelines we are looking forward to the future, when we will be seeing and speaking to you again and we will be contacting everyone on our return to try and find a solution to allow our lotteries to continue in the event of a second or further peak of the virus.

We will also be contacting those members who have continued to make payments throughout the lockdown regarding their options.

Until then, to our agents, our lottery members and our supporters we wish you well, look after yourselves and keep safe.


BWFC Lotteries

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