Wanderers Fan Colin Lowe Donates His Own Hand Sanitiser to the Club

Colin Lowe is a big Bolton Wanderers supporter and a retired Bolton bus driver who has developed his own low-cost sanitiser for use in local hospitals, care homes and companies.

Colin, 61, from Bolton, was in the final stages of establishing his new business manufacturing freezable gel to help alleviate back pain, when the coronavirus pandemic began.

Colin’s original product has been in development for more than a decade after he experienced a back injury in 2009 and wanted to find a better alternative to frozen peas and ice packs.

Using only four ingredients, Colin developed his sanitiser with academic support from Professor Mohsen Miraftab and a team of researchers and medics at the University of Bolton following an introduction from GC Business Growth Hub.

This quality product is now on the procurement list for the NHS and a number of companies and councils are wanting to use the sanitizer for themselves.

Colin has already donated much of his product to local care homes, the Hospice and many more places.

He said “After seeing the cost of sanitiser triple in some cases as a result of coronavirus, I decided I had to do my bit and help out.

“It’s been a pleasure to bring together a team of experts who have helped me to tweak my original product concept and create a lower cost but high grade sanitiser option for medical services.”

Professor Miraftab said: “I’ve worked with Colin over the past few years to develop his cool pack and he’s always been very determined and enthusiastic about the project. I’ve a lot of respect for him and it’s great that he’s not only identified this new opportunity but also taken it by the hands and created a new sanitiser gel. We’re very happy with the results. His genuine personality and work ethic is truly remarkable.”

Handing the gift of the hand sanitiser over to Phil Mason, Head of Community at Bolton Wanderers, Colin said: ”I would do anything for Bolton Wanderers. They are my Club and I want to support them in any way I can. I would love to be the supplier for the Club going forward.”

In gifting the hand sanitiser to the Club, he pledged to make regular a regular donation of some of his profits to the work that the Club do in the community through Bolton Wanderers Community Trust.

He added:  “I really want to help the community of Bolton in any way I can and give back.”

Phil Mason said: “It is a real privilege to meet Colin. He is a man of great passion and humility and has created a wonderful product. We are very grateful for his generosity in gifting this to the Club and for his commitment to supporting our work in the community in the longer term.

“Colin’s story is amazing and it is great that he is a member of the Bolton Wanderers family. We look forward to working with Colin over the coming years.”

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