Charlie's Winning Move with BWFC Lotteries!

Charlie Hart’s new home proved to be lucky for him when we phoned him last week informing him that he had won the Lifeline jackpot of £2000!

We asked Charlie why he had decided to join Lifeline 18 months ago and he said,

“It was a great way to support the Club, especially with the chance of a windfall too!”


Having just moved house Charlie is going to put his winnings towards some upgrades they have planned so it came at just the right time for him and his family.


When we phoned him on Friday he said of the phone call,

“It was a good job I had  pulled over as I may of caused an accident if I was on hands free with all the excitement!”


Finally we asked Charlie what would he say to anyone thinking of joining the Lifeline or the lotteries in general, Charlie said,

“Win or lose you’re giving much needed support to BWFC, so it’s a win-win at the end of the day.” 


We agree with you there Charlie, the lotteries are the main fundraisers for the Club but more than that we love talking to our winners and giving them the good news, that really is the icing on the cake! 


The Lifeline, Goldline and the match day Golden Goal tickets raise funds via the Bolton Wanderers Development Association (Chorley) Ltd which after prizes and expenses are paid, funds projects throughout the business which would not be possible without your support. Projects which we have funded can be found here


To Join the Lifeline or Goldline contact we would be delighted to have your support!

Read Time: 2 mins