Jackie’s Lifeline Win comes at the right time for her Cambridge trip

Jackie McGrath was delighted when she opened her envelope from the lottery’s office to find a £50 cheque enclosed.

She has been supporting the Lifeline for about 12 years now, we asked her why as someone who lives in St Helens is it important to her,

“Not being from the town, it makes me feel part of the club and definitely part of the community. (One Club, One Community, One Town).

By supporting the club this way, I know that I am contributing to the development and the future of the club, something I'm very proud to be a part of.”

Jackie told us she has already spent her winnings treating herself to tickets for the away game V Cambridge United on the Bank Holiday weekend.

We are sure she’ll have a great time.

Finally we asked Jackie what she would say to anyone thinking of joining one, or both of our lotteries,

“If you're thinking of joining the lottery, do so, it's a great feeling to get the cheque through the post.  I've already won the jackpot and a couple of other prizes, so there is every chance you could win too whilst  contributing to a great cause.”

Here’s Jackie with her cheque, we spy a framed Kevin Davies signed shirt in the background from her Special Occasion Treat here at the stadium too, that was a fabulous day!

She really is Wanderers through and through our Jackie and we would like to thank her for the support she has given to us.

If you want to be in with a chance to win like Jackie, contact lotteries@bwfc.co.uk today and we’ll get you set up and hopefully winning!

Read Time: 2 mins