Wanderers Help Deliver The Goods

Wanderers and Bolton Wanderers in the Community were delighted to play their part in supporting Urban Outreach’s provision and delivery of special hampers donated to bring some joy at Christmas.

Urban Outreach (Bolton) has again staged its ‘Christmas Dinner on Jesus’ project which provides all the ingredients – from a turkey to crackers – for families in and around Bolton who might otherwise have gone without.

Christian charity Urban Outreach are a long-term partner of BWitC – working together on a number of initiatives throughout the year – with donations from the players this Christmas going towards on-going support.

Community and Wanderers’ club staff also joined hundreds of volunteers in packing and delivering the hampers put together from donations from thousands of people from across Bolton from schools, churches, community and charity groups, private businesses and the public sector.

Dave Bagley – Chief Executive of Urban Outreach (Bolton) who first devised the idea in a school assembly – said: “It doesn’t matter whether you have faith or no faith.

“This is Christmas dinner on Jesus. This is the lunch he would take you out for.

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“People will struggle this Christmas. Some of it is about just giving people something to eat at Christmas.

“But there’s a lot more than that. The hamper is an expression of Bolton’s kindness.

“This a hamper where thousands upon thousands of people have said ‘you’re not alone and we’re thinking of you on Christmas Day.”

Around 1,700 households are due to receive a hamper – benefitting about 7,000 people not in a position to provide for themselves.

Adam Warriner – Bolton Wanderers in the Community’s strategic lead for education and inclusion – said: “It just shows everyone is working together. We’ve got representatives here from the club, from the Community and other organisations right through from Bolton Council to other charitable organisations.

“It really is everyone pulling together to help the community.

“I think it’s more important this year than ever. There’s a lot of social isolation, so it’s really important that we are out there to support and have that reach.”

Neil Hart – Wanderers’ Chief Executive – was among those lending their support at the Trinity Retail Park in Bolton on Thursday morning where the hampers were being packed and sent out on the road to bring some cheer where it’s most needed on Christmas Day.

He said: “Dave and the Urban Outreach team do a fantastic job.

“All credit not only to them, but also Phil Mason (BWitC CEO) and the Community team at Wanderers.

“The One Club, One Town, One Community ethos – this is it really happening.

“It’s a perfect example of the club and community pulling together with the town.

“It’s great to be part of it, great to see it in action and a really important part of the club being part of the town and the community.

“It’s a really special thing to do and we’re really pleased to be part of it.”

To watch full interviews and the project under way, click HERE

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