🤩 | Lifeline Winner Kevin Barnes Loves Being The Lonesome Wanderer

Kevin Barnes was delighted last week when he received a phone call from the Lotteries Office to inform him he was the lucky £2,000 winner on the Lifeline.

Kevin, who lives in Littleborough, has been a fan of the Super Whites since he was nine years old. 

He feels that by supporting the lotteries he is helping the Club he loves in some small way every week, with the benefit of a potential windfall of course!

When we asked him what he thinks he’ll spend his winnings on he said: “Good question! I’ve spent it about a 100 times already! I’m actually thinking about putting it towards a cruise or something special so it’s not just swallowed up with the normal bills etc.”

Finally, we asked him how he felt when he was told he had won the top prize of £2,000

“I was very excited when I saw the 01204 number calling me, as I don’t know anyone from Bolton, but just had a hunch strangely. I was just thinking about looking on Twitter, as I check EVERY WEEK!

"I’d actually messaged the Lotteries Team on Twitter a few weeks ago jokingly asking if my numbers were actually in the draw as they never get picked, and I received a nice reply, which made me chuckle. It was a brilliant feeling, but at the same time thought it might be a ‘wind-up’ or something.

"It makes it all the better that we’ve had such a fantastic season and since Sharon arrived there seems to be a real buzz around the club and that feels brilliant, after the past few years.

"I get some stick here at work as there’s a real mix of City, Leeds, Burnley (that other team from Manchester), Rochdale and Oldham, and I’m the lonesome Wanderer, but I love it, especially now!

"It's never boring being a Wanderers fan as I’m sure you’ll know, we like to have a change of League nearly every season at the moment, and that makes it all the more exciting!"

Congratulations Kevin, it’s always great to hear from our winners.  Why not join the lotteries today and give them a go?  Who knows it could be you right here featuring on our website. Contact lotteries@bwfc.co.uk for more information.


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