💬 Evatt: We Want To Compete At The Top Of League One

Fresh after guiding Bolton Wanderers to automatic promotion in his first season at the club, manager Ian Evatt was already getting the ball rolling for an assault on League One.

After the champagne corks had popped at Crawley Town, Evatt’s attentions immediately turned to the next campaign.

And the Wanderers boss wants the momentum his players built during the second-half of 2020/21 to continue.

He said: “We have got something now that we didn’t have last summer and that’s a foundation and platform to build from.

“We started from scratch in the summer and we are not doing that any more.

“We have got a good group of players, a good spine and core who are mostly under contract. Obviously we need to improve, we won’t stand still and that is key. Sometimes when you think you have cracked it, you end up being found out.

“We are going to improve the squad, we have to because we want to compete at the top of League One next season.

“That work is already underway now. I’m going to let everyone in Bolton enjoy the promotion because we deserve it, we have all been through a lot, but we got there in the end.”

Evatt and Wanderers have won plaudits for manner in which they played during the season, and he is confident that the same style will see them blossom in Sky Bet League One.

He added:  “We wanted to give ourselves a sustainable chance of continuously improving and getting out of divisions and this style, this brand, this identity, you get seen from top to bottom.

“Once you prove you can play this way you can have success at every level.

“Let’s hope now, with a fair wind, that we can have our fans back in the stadium to really enjoy our players and the brand of football. Bolton Wanderers means the world to us all, we’re proud of it, and that is the first step towards a special journey for the future.”

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