This Saturday sees a slight change to the Golden Goal tickets but it is a change for the better as we are now giving you an EXTRA chance to win £500.

Yes that’s right, you will now have three different times printed within your ticket which could potentially see you walking away from the stadium £500 richer!

The newest Club fundraiser has proved extremely popular so far with our fans and we hope this change may encourage others to give it a go.

Tickets are just £1 and are on sale during the week from the Ticket Office and on the lower concourse areas and corporate areas on match days, if you sit in the upper tiers please head through to the lower concourse prior to ascending the stairs to buy from one of sellers who are visible in their bright pink vests.

All monies raised by the Golden Goal once prizes and expenses are paid is put to great use by the Bolton Wanderers Development Association to fund projects that would not be possible without your support.

Golden Goal, Lifeline and Goldline are the three major fundraisers for OUR club whilst giving you the opportunity to win fabulous cash prizes. 

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