Help Support Covid Fight

Here at the University of Bolton Stadium we have been very much engaged in supporting the fight against Covid 19.

Over the pandemic this has included offering the hotel for key workers, using the car park for a drive-through testing centre and, of course, working closely with Whittles Pharmacy to provide the on-going vaccination centre that remains open to offer the booster vaccination.

Now in partnership with the University of Bolton, we are going one step further in supporting a very important research project.

It is important to recognise that Covid has not gone away and treatments are still being sought to alleviate symptoms and significant illness when someone tests positive. This is where we can help with some important studies.

The University of Bolton has joined forces with Oxford University’s innovative trials to develop treatments in the fight against Covid-19.

Prof George Holmes, the university's vice chancelllor, has announced they are to support The PRINCIPLE Trial and has assembled a team of ‘student champions’ to help enlist volunteers from the community to take part in the programme.


The primary care trials are aiming to find treatments for Covid-19 for people who are at most risk of serious illness.

Investigators are looking for medicines which can help people with symptoms of the virus to recover at home, get better quickly and prevent them from needing to go to hospital.

Prof Holmes said he was delighted when he was approached by Oxford University to collaborate in the trials.

“We have been concerned for some time about the disproportionate effect that Covid has on the Bolton community, and we pledge to do as much as we can as a university to help reduce the impact of the virus,” he said.

“The PRINCIPLE Trial is key because it is looking at methods of treatment based on existing medicines and any breakthrough could be a game-changer in the battle against the virus.

At all home games between now and Christmas the University of Bolton are sending down student champions to promote the trails and give out leaflets that explain how you can engage.

Here at Bolton Wanderers we are committed to support this work and encourage all our fans to engage.

This is a great way that we can show we are One Club, One Community, One Town and support this wider work that can have a great impact on all our health as we continue to learn to live with Covid 19 and move through this pandemic.  

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