The First 100 Days For CEO Neil Hart

Neil Hart has been in office as Wanderers’ Chief Executive Officer for 100 days.

Working closely with club chairman Sharon Brittan, the board, manager Ian Evatt and staff across all levels of the club, it’s been a busy first few months in continuing plans to drive Wanderers forward.

Since his appointment in early July, Neil has also liaised closely with supporters, commercial partners, community project leaders and other stakeholders to build on the foundations put in place under the ownership of Football Ventures (Whites).

And he believes the club is ideally placed to maintain the momentum that’s been building on and off the pitch.

“It’s been remarkable really, working with Sharon and the board and Ian and his staff, what’s been achieved here over the last couple of years,” said Neil.

Sharon Brittan BEST 2021.jpg

“Just over two years ago this club was in administration and was close to not existing.

“So to be sat here talking about sustainability and competing in the upper parts of League One is a huge positive for the town and the club.

“I think we are in a very special place as a club to move it forward. Ian and his staff and players are doing a phenomenal job on the pitch and they have our full support.

“We are here to help that process and help provide them with the tools to keep doing well and we’ll see where that takes us.”

Making Wanderers a sustainable business remains the key goal, with the success of the team at the heart of the project being overseen by Sharon, Neil, and the club board.

And following promotion from League One last season, Wanderers will look to keep backing Evatt in his pursuit of further progress.

“All roads lead to success on the football pitch,” added Neil in an interview with the club’s media channels to mark his first 100 days as CEO.

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“Delivering success on the pitch is critical to this football club and we will continue to support Ian in every way we can.

“That’s something we like to do on a week-to-week basis and we will do that within budget and in a sustainable way.

“But, clearly, investing and supporting the football side is absolutely critical to our success.

“We are trying to drive the club towards sustainability and we are well on the road to doing that.

“That’s not easy and is going to take us more time to get there. But that will be a fantastic achievement when we do that.

“And then that will allow us to hopefully make some more positive decisions around where we can invest and what we can do on the football side.”

To watch the full interview with Neil as he reflects on the club’s recent progress and looks forward to a bright future for Wanderers and the supporters, click HERE

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