It always gives us a great thrill on a Friday when we phone our Lifeline winners, but when we have known the person for as long as we have Alan it makes the phone call all the better.

After giving Alan Wray of Kearsley the good news that he had just won £2000 on the Lifeline we asked him why he joined the Lifeline and what it means to him giving us his support.  He said,

“My Father and I decided many years ago that we would subscribe and put our name in the hat to win the jackpot but never really thought that it would happen but it didn't matter because we knew we were supporting Bolton Wanderers which gave us the satisfaction needed.  It gives me a huge amount of pride that I can help to support the club in the form of the Lifeline draw, the draw has been in existence for many years but was set up to help the club if it fell on hard times.”

Sadly Alan’s dad Jack passed away in recent years but before he did Jack was winning the race in respect of winnings from the Lifeline but with this win, Alan now surpasses his Dad’s total.  Alan took over his Dad’s number when he passed away so he now has the extra chance to win on Jack’s lucky numbers!

What will Alan spend his money on was the £2000 question and he replied,

“The winnings will be used to purchase a new washing machine (badly needed) and will be very handy towards some spending money on holiday.”

Finally we asked Alan how it felt to receive the news and what he would say to anyone thinking of joining our lotteries,

“When Alison rang me to let me know I had won I didn't quite believe her especially when I was told the amount- can't wait for the next call  - said could it be made weekly? But no ! - need to give others a chance of winning!

I would appeal to anyone who is thinking of being in the Lifeline draw to do so immediately for the benefit of the club and to have a chance of winning the prize money available.”

We would like to thank Alan for his support and his kind words. You too could be a winner like Alan if you join today.

Contact for full details.

Read Time: 2 mins