David Shares The Lifeline Wealth

Lifelong Wanderers’ fan David Peers recently won £2000 on the Lifeline lottery – and decided to share the wealth!

The club tried to contact David, a Wanderers’ fan since childhood, with the happy news he had won £2,000 on the Lifeline lottery but he and his wife were away at the time of his winning.

Luckily David was sent a message on social media by a fellow fan to see if he was the ‘D Peers’ at the top of the winner’s table and the answer was yes!

David joined the Lifeline when it initially started, hoping to both support the team as well as be in with a chance of winning the available cash prizes.

He made a pact with two of his friends who also have memberships that if that if ever they won the big prize, they would share it. So, there wasn’t just one happy Wanderers winner this time - but three!

David’s share has come at a great time, as the winnings will be used as extra spending money for an upcoming holiday.

We asked David what he would say to anyone thinking of joining the Lifeline. He commented: “For a small monthly fee it's a great chance to win a serious amount of money weekly and it also supports BWFC.”

Like David, to be in with the chance of winning big, join the Lifeline or Goldline today.

For more information, contact lotteries@bwfc.co.uk or telephone 01204 673777 and leave a message. 

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