Club Statement

Bolton Wanderers Chairman Sharon Brittan has issued the following statement regarding Dion Charles:

“I am aware that some tweets which Dion Charles posted several years ago contained discriminatory and deeply offensive words.

“Myself and Bolton Wanderers Football Club do not condone any forms of discrimination whatsoever and, quite simply, there is no place for it in football or society in general.

“What was said in those posts was completely unacceptable and I am pleased that Dion has taken full responsibility for his actions and unreservedly apologised for the hurt and embarrassment caused.

“Whilst not making any excuses for him, I have spoken with Dion and he has acknowledged that he has grown up considerably since he posted those comments and that he is not racist or homophobic.

“Through Bolton Wanderers in the Community, the Club seeks to be at the forefront of making our game inclusive for everybody and Dion fully supports this.

“My own faith is incredibly important to me and, amongst many other things, it has also taught me to offer forgiveness.

“I know that Dion will learn a very valuable lesson from this and the football club will offer any support he needs going forward.”

Manager Ian Evatt added: “I was very disappointed to hear about the tweets that Dion posted several years ago and I am pleased that he offered an immediate apology for the offence caused.

“I know that Dion wants to do his best whilst representing Bolton Wanderers and that means off the field as well as on it.

“He fully understands the magnitude of his actions and will do everything he can to support the Club in making football a game that welcomes everybody.”

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