Check Your Golden Goal Tickets!

At of the time of publishing, the £500 prize from last night’s Golden Goal has yet to be claimed.

Please do check your tickets if you take part - the winning time was 40 minutes and 45 seconds.

If you discover you do have the winning ticket, please head to Bolton Central to claim your £500 winnings. 

Claims must be made by 12noon on the day of the next home match. If the prize is unclaimed, it will roll over to Saturday's 12th March fixture against Plymouth Argyle. 

Golden Goal are now on sale for the next match at Bolton Central and will be available throughout hospitality and lower concourse areas on Saturday. 

If you are in the upper concourse and wish to participate in our match day fundraiser for the BWDA, please call into the lower concourse before ascending the stairs or you can call at the Club Store beforehand and purchase from our seller based there before entering the stadium. 

Tickets are just £1. Proceeds help the BWDA to raise valuable funds and offer supporters the chance to win £500!

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