Ian’s A Winner!

Hull-based Wanderers fan Ian Morgan was the winner of our £1000 Golden Goal rollover prize this weekend.

Ian, who travels to as many games as his work allows, decided to give the Golden Goal a try prior to the Wanderers' fixture against Playmouth Argyle on 12th March. 

Ian didn't check his ticket prior to leaving the University of Bolton and it wasn't until he returned to Hull that he realised he had the winning time of 42 minutes and 40 seconds - so he was quite happy to make the return journey to Bolton! 

Ian picked up his winning ticket on Monday, calling into Bolton Central to collect his envelope containing £1000 cash. And, to further support the Bolton Wanderers Development Association, Ian chose to join both the Lifeline and the Goldline weekly fundraisers too. 

Congratulations, Ian! 

For the next match, the prize returns to £500 and sellers will be based throughout the lower concourse and hospitality areas. Those based in the upper concourse will need to purchase prior to ascending the stairs or from outside the Club Shop prior to entering the stadium. Tickets are £1. 

Last match was a sell out, so do make sure to pick up your ticket as soon as you get to the game.

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