Wanderers Host First Iftar Event

Over 150 people, including club Chairman Sharon Brittan, attended Wanderers’ inaugural Iftar Event at the University of Bolton Stadium earlier this week.

Hosted by the club’s official charity, Bolton Wanderers in the Community, and the Bolton Unity Project, the event was held as part of Ramadan – the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims worldwide take part in a month of fasting, prayer and reflection.

Alongside members of the Muslim community, attendees of all faiths were encouraged to come along to the event which aimed to provide a safe space for those observing Ramadan to gather and break their fast together, as well as open up the opportunity for discussion and insight into the month of Ramadan.

During the evening, speeches were delivered about the importance of community cohesion by club Chairman Sharon Brittan, Chief Executive Officer of Bolton Wanderers in the Community and Club Chaplain Phil Mason and the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Akhtar Zaman.

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Guided by Imam Nasar Ishfaq, guests were also given the opportunity to learn about the meaning of Ramadan and Iftar, as well as listen to a recitation of the Quran and the opportunity to observe prayers.

Attendees were then invited to break their fast with dates, fruit and water, followed by prayers and observations before finally enjoying a buffet provided by the Bolton Stadium Hotel and Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

Sharon Brittan said: “We enjoyed a special and peaceful evening at the University of Bolton Stadium with our friends from across the community. There was a powerful sense of connection between all those who were there on the night.

“We know our football club can act as a central point for the whole town and we were proud to open our doors to so many people from different walks of life to celebrate this beautiful event together.”

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Beth Warriner, Programme Lead (Cohesion and EDI) at Bolton Wanderers in the Community said: “Seeing 150 people celebrating together overlooking the pitch at the University of Bolton Stadium was so incredibly powerful.

“The event brought together from people of all religions and those of no religion, and encouraged conversation, education and reflection.”

The Iftar Event was hosted in collaboration with The Bolton Unity Project; an alliance formed of Bolton Wanderers in the Community, Bolton Solidarity Community Association, Bolton Council of Mosques, Bolton Christian Community Cohesion, Bolton Interfaith Council and Bolton Hindu Forum, funded by the Bolton Fund.

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